Standgear is dedicated to touching and inspiring the people of the world to stand for what they believe in.  Hope is one of the most powerful forces on earth.  And it's hope that moves the world.  We believe the world needs as many people as possible to stand for our local community, global community and planet. What do you stand for? 

Standgear is a division of Frierson Marketing and Management, LLC.

Standgear is now available in The King Center Bookstore

We are honored to now have our products available in The King Center Bookstore in Atlanta.  Tourists from all over the world will have the opportunity to wear Standgear.  If you haven't been to The King Center, be sure to visit soon.  It is truly a special place that will definitely inspire you, your family and friends to stand for something. 

Standgear Is Now On Storr

Now people can buy new, brand-name products like Standgear directly from their friends.  Standgear is very excited about our new relationship with Storr.

Storr is a Silicon Valley based company which enables anyone to  open a store directly from his or her phone.